Personal Experiences with Rape Culture

I started this blog because I know I have many personal experiences with rape culture and I know many other people do too. I think those experiences should be shared. If you have an experience I would love for you to share it, the submission button is always open. We have 3 mods here. I'm Rage, there is also Spider and Isis. Our "abouts" are on the home page
The second point, is that slutwalkers are trying to get women exempt for being self-responsible. They are effectively saying that men, not women, are responsible for protecting and keeping women safe which is chauvanist to the stratosphere.

The Nobility in Slutshaming, by Jason Sutherland

Actually, they are saying that RAPISTS DON’T HAVE A FREE TICKET TO RAPE JUST BECAUSE OF WHAT A VICTIM IS WEARING.  The only way they are saying “men are responsible”is by saying that a man is RESPONSIBLE for not RAPING a woman wearing “slutty” clothes.


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this makes me want to cry…

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