Personal Experiences with Rape Culture

I started this blog because I know I have many personal experiences with rape culture and I know many other people do too. I think those experiences should be shared. If you have an experience I would love for you to share it, the submission button is always open. We have 3 mods here. I'm Rage, there is also Spider and Isis. Our "abouts" are on the home page

CW for more of that “but not all men are awful” whiny bullshit

We will NOT talk about the fact that some men aren’t abusers/not all men are abusers on this blog.  We will NOT talk about it here because this is not the place for that.  Nobody here gives one single fuck about the fact that there are men in the world who aren’t abusers because the fact that there are men in the world who aren’t abusers doesn’t stop all the abuse we suffer, it doesn’t stop all the men who do abuse from abusing.

And even if it did stop them it still wouldn’t matter and nobody would give a fuck because this is not the place to be discussing it!  This is a blog for people who’ve suffered rape, assault, harassment, victim blaming, apologism, and all the other horrible rape culture shit we all go through daily to share their personal experiences, to have a voice, to analyze things, to break the silence.  This is all about victims and survivors AND NOTHING ELSE.  If you want to whine about teh poor menz fee fees do it somewhere else because THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR THAT and because this is not the place for that we will not talk about it here ever again.  

Derailing from people sharing their real, lived experience with certain, specific, individual people (yes, people, because we do occasionally post things about women who are abusers) to talk about something that has literally NOTHING to do with what the victim/survivor has been through, to point out that despite what these victims/survivors have been through in their specific experiences not all men are terrible does two things - it shifts the focus off the victim/survivor onto people who are completely unrelated to hir story and it makes those completely unrelated people the most important issue.  There is already a whole world out there for derailing and making men the most important thing ever.  We will not do that here.  Derailing in that manner is abusive and oppressive and I will not tolerate that shit on my blog.  If you don’t like that don’t come here.

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    Obviously you know everything. You have to wonder where the real intolerance lies here. Some guys rape male/females so...
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    No, your input means nothing because your opinion is reactionary, over dramatic, and comes from a place of ignorance...
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